La langue anglaise est vivante à Lorient

Est-ce que tu parles l’anglais couramment ? Ou peut-être un peu ? Tu t’intéresses à l’améliorer ? Cependant, tu en as assez de la grammaire et tu voudrais parler et échanger avec de nouveaux amis ?

BlaBabel Lorient est une communauté qui te donne l’opportunité de pratiquer l’anglais et de te faire des amis, chaque mercredi 18h30 au Pub Gabriel, 58 rue Jules Legrand à Lorient. Prochain rendez-vous le mercredi 2 novembre à 18h30

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Tu peux pratiquer tout de suite en lisant la description ci-dessous 😉

« Every Wednesday since 2018 we meet to have a fun time speaking English ! Oh and socializing (drinking) a little bit, sometimes, maybe…
We usually meet at the Pub Gabriel.
We have all levels from beginners to native English speakers. We accept anyone. No questions asked.
No membership, no fee, no obligations. Free event (except from food & beverages you order). Show up and sneak away whenever you like, come alone or with friends, smile, grab a drink, listen, talk (eventually sing) it’s that easy to enjoy you evening.
There should be someone waiting there at scheduled time, but nevertheless it may happen that you are the first. In this case : don’t panic, just wait. If you at lost ask the bartender at the counter.
Even if we use to be a dozen participants on average (and up to 27), there is no obligations to be on time and we had nights where we started half an hour behind schedule. You can still message the FB page or comment the event. Someone should get the notification.
And if you are not already in the official Whatsapp group, feel free to PM us to ask for the private link and start getting live updates on who’s coming when. »